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My Resume

Recent Work:

2022 - East Side Games (ESG) (Vancouver, BC Remote)

 Digital Artist for the Marketing/Growth Team at East Side Games

- Responsible for App Store Optimized (ASO) design assets such as icons, screenshots and feature graphics for both licensed IPs and original IPs.

-  Worked from written briefs and with Product Marketing Managers (PMM) and Director of Marketing to create unique and enticing User Acquisition ads across IPs, using KPIs to lower CPI.

- Created numerous community ads to generate engagement across a variety of IPs.

Some of the IPs I have worked on:

- Star Trek: Lower Decks TBD

-The Office: Somehow We Manage

- Funko Pop Blitz

-RuPaul Drag Race Superstar

-Trailer Park Boys

-Cheech & Chong

-Bud Farm Idle Tycoon

-Milk Farm Tycoon

2018 – 2020 Freelance Illustrator and Designer (Toronto, ON)

- Worked with clients every step of the way to produce illustrations, including linears, revisions and final deliverables.

- Storyboard art and narrative illustrations were produced based on clients’ briefs.

- 3D sculpting and CAD modelling for toys and jewellery.

- Created websites for clients from templates/layouts, logo designs.

2016 Contract Artist (JP)

- Frame tracer/cleanup for in-betweens.

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